About Us

Bohemi Chemicals is a leading specialty chemical company whose quality, innovation and service exceed the expectation of the customers. We will demonstrate uncompromising ethics and appreciation for our employees, respect for the environment and concern for our community while providing a fair return to our owners.


Short overview units

Bohemi Chemicals involves in Innovative Specialty, Chemicals and Coating System

Globally oriented company

§ Production Partners in Germany, France and China

§ Worldwide sales organization

§ More than 70 customers in 20 countries

Turnover : approx. 4 miollion euros

Production capacity : approx. 1,000 tons

Advantage over competitors


- Customer-related product development

- Strong assistance to customers in special applications

- Research & development department

- Reliability of supply and flexibility

- Highest standards regarding safety, quality and environmetal protection

- Flexible structure of a mid-sized company



Ask Professionals For Business Advice!    
Send an email  bohemi@bohemichemicals.com   or call the phone : +39 02 90005047

Bohemi Chemicals is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
Certificate TUV NORD CERT  for: The supply of chemicals and associated
after-sales service for use in Hot-end and Cold-eEnd glass treatments and glass.