Based on Polyethylene and Copolymers Waxes with a 20-22% solid content.

P1500 is a very versatile product capable of maintaining its properties in a wider range of application parameters such as concentration percentage, spray angle and temperature making it suitable for production lines not easily controllable and modifiable.

The versatility of Polyglas D1500 makes it suitable for

Returnable glass bottle


The extended lifecycle of returnable involves periodical sterilizing processes with caustic soda which may remove the coating.

Prestigious glass bottle coating


Expensive wines and liquors deserve a superior packaging alligned with the products they contain so they must be well protected.

Heavy Glassbottles photo


Heavy bottles are subjected to higher levels of stress and deserve an higher resistant coating.

Labelled glass bottles photo


A detached label is certainly not good-looking but our CEC are fully compatible with all types of glue and assure complete attachement.



Waxes and copolymers emulsion.


ParametersTest MethodSpecifications
AppearanceQCR017White Liquid
Solid ContentQCR001-1420 – 22%


  • Gives a good wet and dry scratch resistance. 
  • Allow a perfect gluing property of the label for various glues and weather conditions
  • Provides an excellent surface protection during transportation and
  • Ensures optimum slippery
  • Food Compliance refer to the « Food contact status »


  •  Dilution rate 1 to 2,5 % with demineralized
  • Glass containers temperature 80-130°C
  • Application by spray
  • Our Technical Service is ready to supply all the relevant information regarding the correct use
  • Gluing performances of the label are excellent and not depending on the glue the final customer use
  • The gluing performances are very good even on humid conditions
  • The slip angle is very stable not dependent to the quantity of deposition
  • Can be used until 2.5% dilution to achieve higher scratch resistance
  • No white marks even with low temperature of application
  • Slip angle higher than 15° to avoid breaks during


  •  12 months in original
  • Storage temperature 5 – 30°C
  • Polyglas D1500 must be protected from frost during transport and storage
Tuv Nord Certification - Bohemi Chemicals

Bohemi Chemicals is certified ISO 9001: 2008.
TUV NORD CERT: for the supply of chemicals and related after-sales services and for use in hot and cold treatment in glass processing

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